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SPOTLIGHT features news, announcements, events, and hot topics on behavioral health in underserved communities.

Webinar: Behavioral Health Disparities Overview

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. EDT

The Behavioral Health Disparities Overview is the first in a four-part Webinar series that will occur monthly during April through July 2018. Together, the four Webinars comprise the first portion of a comprehensive course SAMHSA will offer to provide MFP Fellows with the knowledge to improve access to quality behavioral health services and outcomes for underserved populations.

The first two Webinars--in April and May 2018--address behavioral health disparities, including background and understanding of the state of behavioral health disparities, affected populations, and primary causes and implications. Respected thought leaders Drs. Margarita Alegria and Teresa Chapa will present these 2-hour sessions and share compelling research and practice knowledge content that Fellows can immediately incorporate and apply in their programs.

In this first Webinar, the Behavioral Health Disparities Overview, participants will learn
  •How behavioral health disparities are defined
  •Several frameworks that explain behavioral health disparities
  •An overview of findings from key national reports and research
  •An overview of how social determinants contribute to behavioral health disparities and unequal access to evidence-based/quality behavioral health care
  •An overview of how certain practices and policies might contribute to behavioral health disparities

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