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Stephanie Rosado

October 2020 Fellow of the Month Profile Photo
Stephanie Rosado is currently a Ph.D. student in the University of South Florida School of Social Work. She is an alumna of the Council on Social Work Education and received her MSW in 2019 from the University of Southern California.

Stephanie was drawn to the MFP because she knew how the experience would impact her professional and academic development. She stated, "I knew that the MFP would be a unique and impactful experience that would propel me and prepare me for the next level of my social work career." She felt being an MFP fellow would provide opportunities to delve deeper into her current field of study, sport social work.

Stephanie’s vision of delving into the world of sport social work is more than just a special interest. She became an advocate for the mental health of student athletes after spending years as a student athlete herself. Stephanie played basketball in high school, college and at the professional level making a name for herself as an elite athlete. After retiring from basketball, her focus shifted from the court to classroom and the social work profession, hoping to spread awareness about the mental and emotional hardships of being an athlete. When asked how her vision has changed since being an MFP fellow, Stephanie shared, "I envisioned myself pursuing a doctoral degree with the hope that I would be able to focus on a relatively new subspecialty of social work, sport social work. That vision is still relevant and is currently being played out. I have been admitted into USF’s Ph.D. program where the faculty and advisors are extremely supportive and excited about my research interests pertaining to sport social work."

Participating in the MFP has provided Stephanie with invaluable opportunities to build her network and assert herself as an advocate in her field. When asked how being a fellow impacted her career, Stephanie shared, "The MFP has connected me to a community of individuals who motivate me with their own aspirations and unique journeys. Additionally, the program has allowed me to build connections with professionals that may have otherwise been out of my reach. Professionals such as Dr. Nguyen are well-established in their careers but have been able to offer me insight, resources, advice, perspective, and confidence building. The advocacy skills that MFP helps you build are truly an asset to any professional and the networking/community has been priceless."

Stephanie has also been able to leverage the skills and knowledge she acquired during the MFP. She shared that as a minority woman, the MFP provided her with the skills to position herself for success and leadership, as well as providing the resources needed to advocate for herself, her career, and her research.

When asked what career building advice she would offer to the current MFP fellows, Stephanie says, "Speak up! Introduce yourself! Do not let imposter syndrome stop you. You belong at the table so take your seat!" And for anyone thinking of applying, she says, "Apply! You won’t regret it! The exposure and opportunities are priceless."

And in regard to the MFP agency that trained her, Stephanie shared, "CSWE has made a difference in my life and career. Thank you!"

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