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Alice Mills Mai

July 2021 Fellow of the Month Profile Photo
Alice Mills Mai is a doctoral fellow in the 2021-2022 class of the Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) with the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC). She received her B.A. in psychology and her M.A. in mental health counseling from the City College of New York. Alice is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in counseling education and supervision at the University of the Cumberlands. Alice has professional experience working in community-based treatment facilities in the greater New York area as well as Columbus, Ohio. Among her many accomplishments, Alice founded Centering Wholeness, LLC, in 2019, where she serves as a clinical director, supervisor, and counselor providing healing and mental wellness in Black and Brown communities with a focus on immigrants and individuals impacted by incarceration.

Alice was initially drawn to the MFP because the program gave her the opportunity to network and support her educational and professional goals. She shared, “I entered the MFP to expand my network and find sustainable financial support.” Currently, Alice is working on a research project focused on mass incarceration and its impact on families and communities. She shared, “I will use this research and knowledge to grow a private practice to serve communities impacted by incarceration. I will also use this to integrate abolition, transformative justice, and restorative practices in counseling.”

When reflecting on how the MFP has enriched her academic and professional career, Alice shared that it has provided her support and opportunities for professional growth. She stated, “The MFP has provided me with social support through my cohort. Additionally, the sessions I attended during the NBCC Bridging the Gap Symposium, and the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision conference have helped deepen my knowledge in areas of business, research, and self-care.” Alice also remarked, “The MFP is helping me to build and nurture my professional network through my cohort activities, mentorship, and mental health counseling doctoral fellow engagement meetings.”

Alice plans to apply the knowledge and skills acquired from the MFP to her work as an educator, advocate, researcher, and clinician. She stated, “I plan to continue conducting research on the trauma of mass incarceration and using the knowledge gained through mentorship to improve my practice with clients.” She explained that after completing her Ph.D. “I intend to continue developing my research and public speaking skills and, developing my identity as a content expert who focuses on the trauma of incarceration.”

When asked what advice she had for anyone thinking about applying to the MFP, Alice replied, “Take advantage of the opportunity because it is life changing!”

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