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Marcos Rosa

May 2020 Fellow of the Month Profile Photo
Marcos Rosa works in a private practice setting where he trains new clinicians and interns. He is also a current doctoral fellow with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and is in the second year of his doctoral program at Antioch University of New England.

Marcos was drawn to the MFP after realizing that being a fellow would support his “passion to extend mental health service to minorities,” particularly Brazilians living in the United States. He envisioned himself serving bilingual and Latino communities but did not have the resources to fulfill this dream on his own. Being a part of the MFP has allowed him to start realizing those opportunities. After graduation, Marcos plans “to teach and supervise in MFT programs” and work “to inspire, support and recruit new bilingual clinicians for private practice and agency settings, in order to extend services to the Brazilian and Latino populations in general.”

When reflecting on how the MFP mentorship has played a role in his career development, Marcos said, “The MFP has provided me extended network connections beyond my state, opening up new possibilities to learn and collaborate with other professionals in the field. It has also provided me access to a variety of research and clinical trainings specific to working with minority populations, thereby extending and expanding my knowledge and ability to conquer my career goals.”

When asked what advice he would offer to someone thinking about applying to the MFP, Marcos had this to share, “If you are passionate about serving people or a specific group, but lack support, knowledge, and training to implement your vision, you should apply. It is completely worth the amount of time and effort you spend to fill out the application. It is a very enriching program where you will be exposed to an environment where collaboration and action take place.” With regard to the MFP program that has trained him, he says, “AAMFT team has done an amazing job coordinating the trainings and giving us the right instructions throughout the program. They are very professional, respectful and friendly in everything they do. They give us personalized attention to make sure no one falls behind.”

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