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Events in April 2018

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4/23/2018Call for Papers: Innovative and Creative Training Strategies Submission Deadline Rolling Submissions Acceptedhe editorial team of Training and Education in Professional Psychology (TEPP) is establishing a regular forum for brief articles on training activities. We seek relatively brief manuscript submissions that report on innovative and creative strategies and implementation for education and training including reports from doctoral, internship and postdoctoral programs. As noted in the editorial published in the first issue of TEPP in 2014 (PDF, 42KB), the editorial team seeks submissions that will help the field of professional and health service psychology develop a stronger evidence base for training and education in the field. Consequently, these brief reports need to include data and initial reports of effectiveness (or at a minimum, authors need to indicate how there is a plan of action for conducting such evaluations).http://www External Web Site PolicyPublishing

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